The Ninja Pool is perfect for all kinds of home pools that are at least 9 feet wide, 15 feet long and 4 feet deep. Using modular construction, each Ninja Pool is custom made so it can easily fit your budget, pool size or family needs.

The aluminum poles we use are light, strong, and ready to be installed. They can be easily assembled and require NO drilling, NO foundation digging, and cause NO disturbances or destruction to your current landscape area.

The Ninja Pool also offers ease and flexibility to suit your family’s specific needs. Shading or decorative lighting can be easily added in, and the heights of all obstacles can be quickly modified or adjusted as well.

Turn Your Pool Into The Perfect Sports & Entertainment Center


The Ninja Pool gives you the rare opportunity to instantly upgrade your own pool (and your backyard) in many exciting ways…

  • Turn the Ninja Pool frame into a state-of-the art training center by hanging extra accessories (TRX, yoga hammocks, etc.)

  • Make your workout trainings more or less intense by adjusting the height levels according to your own needs.

  • Push yourself to your limits. Train and workout with less fear knowing that if you do fall, it’ll be into your own pool of water.

  • Use Zip Lining for pure entertainment purposes or integrate it into a challenging and more intense obstacle course.

  • Sit back and relax in a gently swinging chair near the edge of the pool with your morning coffee in hand, and your feet dipping into the refreshing water.

75-year-old grandfather


I wanted to surprise my grandchildren, so they would come and visit me more often during Covid ..

I couldn’t believe that I would find myself so active and challenged with the obstacles..

In the end, the present was for myself.


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