As Bob Dylan once sang, “The times are a-changin’”.

Society is facing a challenging and difficult time. People are spending less time out in Mother Nature. The world of technology is becoming a

distraction for real-world interaction. And many are becoming disconnected from the simple things that once brought them great joy.

Many of us fondly remember and long for the good times of our past – how we spent countless hours in the great outdoors climbing trees, swimming in pools, running through open fields, or playing outdoor games with our closest friends till the sun went down.

In today’s world, children are less carefree. They’re living in a digital world where social media, watching online videos, texting with friends, or playing computer games have become the new normal.

Sure, they may see popular influencers online with their beautiful and muscular bodies, but they don’t realize that it takes the right amount of time, effort, sweat and persistence to get these types of results. There are no shortcuts.

As a personal trainer and a loving parent, I believe that it’s critical that we continue to teach our children about the importance of the journey in life itself, not just the end goal. This means staying connected with who we are, staying active vs. being sedentary, and having a whole lot of fun along the way.

There’s a lot to be learned from continuing to push forward, from failing, and grinding your teeth over and over again until success is finally achieved. In fact, it makes success that much sweeter and more rewarding in the end.

Now thanks to Ninja Pool, young kids and adults of all ages can get back to what’s most important – and that’s staying active, taking on challenges, pushing ourselves to our limits, and having a ton of fun while being safe together.

Ninja Pool will not only provide hours of entertainment, fun fitness activities, and social engagement that everyone can enjoy, but it’ll also create memories that’ll last an entire lifetime.



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