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The Ninja Pool is the perfect solution when it comes to connecting beach and water activities in a very seamless and interactive way. The solid and reliable construction of Ninja Pool can stand with its columns in the water, or over a floating pier that’s already securely anchored.

And talk about flexibility and versatility. The Ninja Pool also allows you to use the same frame while hosting a variety of different activities or events throughout the day.

For example…

You can start with yoga hammocks and gentle body stretching first thing in the morning. In the early afternoon you can transition to more intense ninja exercise training. Later, you can switch things up and create a fun aquatic playground just for kids. And to finish off the day, you can finally relax in a hammock with your favorite glass of wine and a great book.

The Ninja Pool also allows you the option to create an extended workout program for your own guests that can conclude with a friendly competition at the end of their stay.

Thanks to Ninja Pool’s ease of mobility, you can move it outside during the warm and sunny days of summer and bring it indoors during the cold days of winter.

And don’t forget…

Ninja Pool provides upkeep training, or we can send a friendly representative to help with the transfer of the construction. This is optional to you.

ninja pool construction
Semi-finalists in 3 seasons of "Israel Ninja Warrior"

Amor Paz & Sol Busian

As competitors in few seasons of “Ninja Warrior Israel” we were insanely excited when we were exposed to the above-water construction of Ninja Pool.

The ability to really push yourself to leap, without the fear of falling allows ninjas like us the perfect training environment.


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